With 34 years’ experience in the water well industry, we at GPM Well Testing are committed to GPM Well Testing 707-823-4102 providing our customers with rapid response, comprehensive service, reasonable rates and detailed reports. We work with realtors, home buyers and homeowners and have the necessary equipment, resources and capabilities to assure the highest quality service in the shortest amount of time.

GPM Well Testing can produce an in-depth Well Report in 24 Hours!

GPM Well Testing is owner-operated by Earl and Linda Sheridan. Earl holds a C-57 Contractors License, and has worked in the water well industry for 34 years.

“We are building our business on honesty and Integrity. We take great pride in our work and are committed to offering you the highest quality service. Our goal is to have satisfied customers and a good reputation with all our clients.”


GPM Well Testing Offers…

Reasonable Rates!

Rapid Response

  • Well test reports e-mailed within 24 hours
  • Quick appointment turnarounds

Flexible Schedule
  • We accommodate your schedule
  • Weekend appointments

Comprehensive Service

  • Detailed report
  • Report & system explained
  • Referrals for existing well problems

Protect Your Well. Protect Your Family!
The quality of your water can affect the health of your family, your landscaping and your crops. To ensure you are getting consistent, high-quality well water, the California Groundwater Association recommends that you:

  • Use licensed contractors for all pump and well work
  • Test your water for bacteria at least once a year
  • Keep hazardous chemicals away from your well
  • Check your well cover to make sure the well is sealed
  • Keep good records of any well work and testing results
  • Be alert to changes in your water or well site

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